Brigitte Antonelli
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Brigitte Antonelli in the role of the Marquise is as good actress as expert singer.

Théâtre musical Opérette, 2011
La fille du régiment

Also note the great performance of Brigitte Antonelli and Jean-Philippe Biojout in the roles of the Marquise and Sulpice, who were brilliantly able to render, between voice and showmanship, the lightness and humor of this opera which patriotic accents could have excessively stopped the service.

SudOuest, 2010
La fille du régiment

Brigitte Antonelli, dramatic soprano, beautiful and rebellious.

La presse de la manche, 2011

Brigitte Antonelli unflinchingly confronts the asperities of a vocal line on the razor's edge, with a phrasing in turn contained and passionate, thanks to the clarity of an incisive tone.

Opéra, 2007
Le pauvre matelot

Soprano Brigitte Antonelli (Mrs. Gobineau) merges into the anguish of the mother looking for her child with a voice of dramatic colors and beautiful quality.

ResMusica, 2007
Le pauvre matelot

The sensual Metella of Brigitte Antonelli emerges from the distribution.

Le Monde, 2005
La vie parisienne

We greet all members of the troupe and the musicians, especially the beautiful heroine, played by Brigitte Antonelli.

La semaine du Lot, 2008
Belle Hélène